super mario kodi skin

KODI: Super Mario Skin (Tutorial & Download Link Included)

How To Install Super Mario Skin Kodi

Grew up playing Nintendo’s Super Mario? If so, this skin is for you. You did not? Well, this skin is still for you, as it brings a sudden case of nostalgia to retro gamers, and it provides a burst of energy for new.

To Install Classic Skins for Kodi:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Select None
  • Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  • Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type fusion & select OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select fusion
  • Select kodi-repos
  • Select english
  • Select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons on Helix
  • Select Classic Skins For Kodi
  • Select Look and Feel
  • Select Skin
  • You can now choose the skin you wish to install and it will download. You must then reboot and change the skin via the Appearance menu
Install The Supercars Build

How To Install The Supercars Build

Install The Supercars Build

Welcome to my guide, how to install Supercars Build from @oldgit9 (give him a follow on twitter for news of updates). I’ve been checking this build out myself recently and I have to say it really is a beautiful and very different build, definitely well worth checking out, particularly if you a fan of cars.

Here are some screenshots of the build:1og21og11og

As you can tell from the above images this is not like your average build, Oldgit makes fantastic use of the Cirrus: Extended Skin and within the build the controls and inner skin are different from the majority of builds on Kodi. The inner skin and controls are very neat, clean and easy to use.

How To Install:

Because this build is available from the Community Wizard there is no need to wipe your current setup because of the Fresh Install feature and also the ability to save data like your Trakt and Debris accounts, login info and even your favorites. Also with the new Community Wizard you will receive automatic notifications when there is an update available for the build.

  • Step 1: Open File Manager in the System submenu
  • Step 2: Click Add Source and add the following Url exactly and click Ok
  • Step 3: Now in the lower panel enter a name for this source, as it’s the Community Repository type comrepo and click Ok and back out of the File Manager
  • Step 4: Click on System, then Addons, then choose Install From Zip File from the menu
  • Step 5: Now find comrepo from the list and click on it, and then click on
  • Step 6: After a moment you will see a notification telling you the Community Repository has now been installed. Now click on Install From Repository
  • Step 7: Now click on the Community Repository and when it opens choose Program Addons from the list.
  • Step 8: Choose the Community Wizard from the list that appears and when it opens click Install
  • Step 9: A pop up window will appear, click on remind me later and another pop up screen will appear, from this select Build Menu
  • Step 10: When the build menu appears you now have the option of saving any data, including your favorites, trakt or debris accounts.
  • Step 11: Scroll down and find -=CR=-Supercars(V_._) click on it and at this stage you still have the option to save certain data before choosing either a Fresh Install(recommended if you are currently using a build and wish to change) or a Standard Install if you are installing from a fresh clean Kodi.
  • Step 12: Press Ok until the build begins to install, when it is finished installing you will be asked to force close Kodi, if using an android device or firestick press ok in the first popup screen then unplug the device, otherwise click ok to force close
  • Step 13: After restarting Kodi for the first time as always with any build give it a few moments to build the menu and make an updates due before starting to use the build
  • Step 14: Enjoy


A word from Oldgit the builder regarding navigation and controls:

Pressing UP or DOWN – This is not your average skin, normally to select the sub-menus on the home screen for Power or System you would press down, but on this skin you need to press up. By pressing down you will highlight the quick select buttons at the top right of the skin.

As well as following Oldgit on Twitter you can find him on the koditeam Forum.

Also from Oldgit the builder regarding  -Bonus Items-

1. Included in this build, if you do not like the background images that I have used, you have the option to select others. I have included 30 images to choose from. All the images have the numberplate already in place. If you can gain access to the root directory of Kodi, the extra background images can be found here – skin.SuperCars/backgrounds/Extra Menu Pics. If you can not gain access to your root directory, then you can download the “Extra Menu Pics” from [CLICK HERE]

2. If you do not like the any of the images that I have included and would like to use an alternative image, or you would like to add your personal image of your car etc. I have also included a .psd file for the numberplate and a brief guide on how to position the image. You can find the files in the – skin.SuperCars/backgrounds/Number Plate Template & Example folder or alternatively, you can download it from [CLICK HERE]


More images from the Supercars build:1og81og91og5

I have to say a congratulations to Oldgit for creating this fantastic build and not being afraid to create something totally different from the large majority of builds.

And personally a big thanks for including my addon.

Remember follow him @Oldgit on Twitter




Regards, Aleighty.



How To Instal The Globars Skin From Houdini TwentFour on Kodi

How To Instal The Globars Skin From Houdini TwentFour on Kodi

How To Instal The Globars Skin From Houdini TwentFour on Kodi

Houdini Twentyfour has transformed the Aeon Nox 5 skin into a masterpiece of style. We know how popular and great the default Aeon Nox 5 skin is, well Houdini has taken it to the next level.

Welcome the Aeon Nox Silvo h24 Glowbars Skin for Kodi Helix….

























As you can see above, the glowbar effect looks absolutely sensational. So let’s show you guys how you can install it on your device and also configure the different glowbars that are on offer.

STEP 1. Download the Glowbars skin here and keep accessible, now select system.


STEP 2. Scroll down and select Add-ons.


STEP 3. We now need to select Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Select the location where you saved the glowbars zip file.


STEP 5. Once you select the zip file it will install the skin on your device.


STEP 6. You will be greeted with a message, select YES.


STEP 7. Now it’s time to choose your glowbar config…hop over the the right side, tab down to theme and using the arrows choose the color you want.


Head back to your home-screen to see it in full effect. If you want to change it to another color simply follow the last 2 steps above.

Create your own build on Kodi part-5

And finally we can now look at setting up the sub-menus, and adding more colour to improve the look of your build.

Link to part – 1 -CLICK HERE-

Link to part – 2 -CLICK HERE-

Link to part – 3 -CLICK HERE-

Link to part – 4 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are some more images i’ve been sent of peoples own builds, please send images of your completed build to my twitter handle and I will share them on the kodi team twitter page and I may also put some on here to give others ideas.IMG_20160114_194424 [9808]IMG_20160108_175529 [9590]Again thanks guys.

Some screenshots of the in-complete build so far:

Screenshot (123)

Screenshot (122)

Now the final part of our build, the sub-menu, a very important part because the more detailed you make your sub-menu the easier it will be to navigate.

As an example we will build a sub-menu for the movie section of your main menu. For other ideas what to put in various sub-menus I will make a list at the end of this blog to give you some ideas, but it is your build so it really should include whatever you want.

  • As before from the main menu we click on ‘skin settings’ on the ‘system’ sub-menu, then click ‘Set up the Aeon Nox menu’ then we arrive here as below.
  • We are working on the movie sub menu so highlight this first then scroll down to ‘Manage submenu’ and click on it:

Screenshot (126)

  • Delete any unwanted existing sub-menus:

Screenshot (127)

  • Now you want to click on ‘Type’ until you see the menu that has ‘video add-ons’ at the top:

Screenshot (128)

  • Here we will begin with the 1Channel Video add-on, scroll down find and click on ‘1Channel >’ as below:

Screenshot (165)

  • Then the menu below will appear, because we are building the movie menu click on ‘movies >’ as below

Screenshot (129)

  • You can now choose what part of the 1Channel movie menu you wish to create a sub-menu for. Here we will pick ‘most popular’ so now click on it:

Screenshot (131)

  • After clicking ‘most popular above you will see the following menu. You now need to click ‘Create shortcut to here’ and now you have your first sub-menu chosen.

Screenshot (132)

  • You will now see on the left the shortcut you have chosen. We now need to change the text or we will have no way of knowing which add-on we have a shortcut to most popular for. Ensure it is highlighted and select ‘set label’ as below:

Screenshot (134)

  • As before in the main menu we can add as much and any colour as we want. Use the same basic coding as before, this time however we will include making the text bold so the sub-menu stands out better. To make the text bold we need to have [B] before the text and [/B] after. Don’t forget the forward slash.
  • Here is an example

[COLORorange][B]1Channel Popular[/B][/COLOR]

  • You can type the text lower case but it will appear on the menu in higher case, same as in the menu bar.
  • As you can see I have chosen to use orange as an example but you may use whatever colour you want:

Screenshot (135)

  • Your first sub-menu will start to look like this, now click ‘Add’ to create your next menu shortcut:

Screenshot (136)

  • As an example I will choose Genesis next, ensure that ‘<None>’ is highlighted on the left.
  • Now click on ‘Genesis >’

Screenshot (137)

  • And again as before choose ‘Movies >’

Screenshot (138)

  • This time for Genesis we will choose Box office so click on this, always remember the symbol ‘>’ indicates there is further menus.

Screenshot (139)

  • And again click on ‘Create shortcut to here’, this creates the shortcut to the box office.

Screenshot (140)

  • This time I will make the text red in order to stagger it which I find makes it stand out better on the menu.
  • Again here is another example:

[COLORred][B]Genesis Box office[/B][/COLOR]

  • Click done:

Screenshot (141)

  • When you are finished your movie sub-menu it will look similar to this with your own colours and your own personal sub-menu shortcuts.

Screenshot (145)

  • Now go back out and check your movie menu is as you want it, if it needs any tweaking you can go back in as above and make your changes.

Screenshot (146)

Now you can go through each of your menu items and create your own personal sub-menu to suit your own needs. You can have more than 5 sub-menus under each menu, they will scroll along underneath. I found 5 was enough and I also thought it looked neater.

To give you an idea of what sort of sub-menus you can have for each menu item here are a list of some of the ones from my own build:

Sports: Phoenix sports, Woody sports, Sportsdevil, UkTurks sports and Ccloud sports.

Genesis: Movies, TvShows, Search, Favorite Movies, Favorite TvShows

Live Tv: Ccloud, Channel Pear, UkTurks and

Phoenix: Live Football, Live PPV, Woody, Rockcrusher and Staael2014.

Add-ons: Add-on installer, Categories, Programs.

Power: Quit (It’s all you need)

I really hope you enjoy creating your own build and enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed using mine. I find if you keep the amount of add-ons to a minimum by just keeping the ones you use your Kodi runs smoother and faster. And with the ‘add-on installer’ its simple to search for and install new add-ons.

When you have completed your very own build i’m sure your are going to want to back up all that hard work you have done. There are numerous ways of doing this, there is a backup program in the Kodi repo but I didn’t find this great. There is also a back up tool in the Community Wizard and finally there is a back up tool i’ve used myself with success called the Community Portal program add-on. There is plenty of info on all these on the kodi team site. And there is info on how to publish your build if you wanted to.

(EDIT) After some time working on various builds for friends and family I have learned a few more ways to improve the look of your build, including adding multiple backgrounds and also changing fonts on the main menu bar. To see what i’ve learned go too ‘Create your own build extra’ just  -CLICK HERE-

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter and I will do my best to help. And if you have any comments about this blog or any suggestions as to how I could improve it please leave a comment below.



Create your own build on Kodi Part-4

Here we will first improve the look of your menu bar, including tidying the text and adding some colour.

Link to part – 3 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are some more images of other peoples builds created using this guide to give you some ideas. Don’t forget to send me images of your build to my twitter handle IMG_20160108_175543 [13867]IMG_20160108_175529 [9590]Thanks guys keep them coming to me at twitter.

Here are more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0303 [175911]DSC_0298 [179166]

To start we will improve the look of your menu bar and add a little colour to the text:

  • First click on skin settings below system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Set up the Aeon Nox menu:

Screenshot (113)

  • Click on Edit Label:

Screenshot (119)

  • This is where you improve the look of your menu bar. In order to add colour to your text on your menu bar you need to type the following exactly as shown.
  • Example for sky blue: [COLORskyblue]Movie[/COLOR]
  • Main things to remember are colour is spelt the American way, without a ‘u’. Text at either end is to be enclosed with square brackets [ ]. The back brackets include a forward slash / before the word COLOR.
  • And also the colour you wish to use is typed in lower case text. You can google ‘basic colour code’ to find some different colours you can use.

Screenshot (120)

  • You can add as many colours as you want, I prefer to stagger them only using two colours except of course for the [COLORred]power[/COLOR] menu I like to change that to red. Continue step by through your menu until you have it completed to your liking.
  • As you can see in the following screenshot I used white for my Tv Shows menu, this does take a bit of time to do but the more work you put into it the more you will appreciate it when it’s completed.

Screenshot (121)

  • Now your menu should begin to take shape

and as you can see I kept both the system and power menu and coloured my ‘POWER’ menu red:

Screenshot (125)

Another little trick to improve the look of your menu

  • Return to the set up Aeon Nox menu and ensure Add-ons is highlighted on the left. Now scroll down and click on select widget.

Screenshot (256)

  • In the widget menu scroll down and find Video Add-ons, this will create a widget for your Add-on menu

Screenshot (257)

  • As you can see you have a small widget on the right of your Add-on screen that will continually scroll through your own add-ons.

(Apologies for the quality of the screenshots)

DSC_0031 [66610]

  • You can also scroll through the widget menu yourself, giving you details of each add-on.

DSC_0020 [66790]


Next in part – 5 we will work on the sub-menu, the final part of your own personal build.

For part – 5 -CLICK HERE-



change backgrounds on kodi

Create your own build on Kodi part-3

Create your own build on Kodi part-3

Now its time to start changing the aesthetics of your build,

Link to part – 2 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are some more images of builds people have created using this guide, it may give you some more ideas:IMG_20160114_194508 [13868]IMG_20160114_194506 [13869]Thanks again for sending me images.


Here are more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0290 [179165]DSC_0313 [179167]

First we will change a few simple things to improve the look of your build:

  • From the home menu choose settings > appearance then in the menu below change the menu horizontal position from default to low, this will allow you to see your chosen backgrounds a lot better:

Screenshot (110)

  • Also change the main menu layout from 5 to 3 items, I personally find this improves the look of the menu bar:

Screenshot (112)

Next we will work on changing the backgrounds:

Firstly you will have to go to your browser, be it on windows or whatever device you are using. When searching through your search engine change search to image search. There are literally thousands of images to choose from. For your movies menu for example simply search ‘cinema’, you will find some really great images.

  • Firstly click on skin settings under system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Highlight the menu item on the left you wish to place a background on, I have ‘Movies’ highlighted below.

Then select: Set item background:

Screenshot (114)

  • Now choose set single image background. You can have multi-images for each background but were keeping it nice and simple:
  • If you want to add multiple images take a quick skip ahead to my Create your own build extra blog. just -CLICK HERE-

Screenshot (115)

  • This part of the menu will be slightly different on each device. If you are using windows you will find the images you have saved under user > documents. On other devices like Android you will find your images in external storage > downloads.

Screenshot (116)

  • Now choose the image for the menu you working on, in this case we are setting a background for movies so I have downloaded an image of a cinema scene:

Screenshot (117)

  • When you have highlighted the image click ok as shown below. This is the background for movies done.
  • Now repeat the process for each item in your menu.

Screenshot (118)

Continue onto part – 4 where we will improve the look of your menu bar.

For part – 4 -CLICK HERE-


Create your own build on Kodi part-2

Create your own build on Kodi part-2

Now we need to separate your add-ons into various categories to begin to create your own personal menu.

Link to part – 1 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are a few images people have sent me of their own completed build, it may give you some ideas:IMG_20160108_175557 [9587]IMG_20160108_181011 [9589]Big thanks to @davidfry77 for sending me these wonderful images.

A few more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0240 [11906]DSC_0230 [11904]

Firstly separate your add-ons into the menus you want to create using the categories add-on.

  • Under the Videos menu click on Add-ons:

Screenshot (86)

  •  Now on the Categories add-on press the menu button or right click your mouse if using PC or laptop

Screenshot (87)

  • Click  Add-on settings

Screenshot (159)

  • Now choose video categories and in each category type the name of each item you want in your menu, you can have as many or as few as you want. You don’t need to create one for all add-ons because it already exists. Press ok when your categories menu is complete.

(EDIT) Since finishing this blog I have learned that if you want to have just one single add-on as a menu item you don’t need to put it into a category. You can very simply create a path to the add-on itself when setting up your main menu through video add-ons. This will work out better because it will open the add-on entirely not just bring you to it.

Screenshot (93)

  • When you are in the Categories add-on click on ‘all add-ons’ and you will be shown a list of all the video add-ons you have installed. Choose each add-on you want to place in each various category, to do this press the menu button or right click and when you chose click on – Add to category:

Screenshot (94)

  • You can put each add-on into more than one category, for example salts can be put into tv shows and movies, also if you decide later to get more add-ons they will automatically go into ‘All Addons’ and you can put them into their particular menu as above:

Screenshot (97)

  • Now while still in the Categories add-on you need to place each category into favorites. To do this press menu button/right click on each of your categories including ‘All Addons’ and add to favorites, then return to home screen:

Screenshot (98)

Now to begin building your menu from the favorites you have created.

  • Click system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Appearance:

Screenshot (100)

  • Choose skin then -settings:

Screenshot (101)

  • Choose, set up the Aeon Nox main menu:

Screenshot (102)

  • Click on Default select action and choose favorites from the menu that appears:

Screenshot (103)

  • Now one by one replace the existing menu on the left with the new favorites you have created:

Screenshot (104)

  • After filling each place on the left with your own menu it should look like the following, ensure that each of these is enabled as highlighted top right:

Screenshot (106)

  • Then disable the existing menus you will not be using, remember you will need to keep the System and Power for your menu:

Screenshot (107)

(EDIT) After you have your build completed and you add more add-ons, to put them into their various categories just go into the categories add-on and add them to whatever section they belong.

Now onto part – 3 were we will work on some simple changes to improve the look of the menu bar and also we will change the backgrounds for each menu item.

Link to part – 3 -CLICK HERE-




Create your own build on Kodi

Create your own build on Kodi part-1

Create your own build on Kodi part-1

When I decided to create my own build on Kodi, a few friends seen it and asked how I went about doing it. So I decided I would write a step by step easy to follow blog to share with everyone. It is the easiest way to create your own build and can be done by anyone, It mainly involves building your own personal menu and sub-menus and adding colour too them and changing fonts, and of course having your own backgrounds.

This is part – 1 of a 5 part series.(Now 6 with extra)

(EDIT) Firstly here are a few images of builds people have completed using this step by step guide and sent me via twitter, Please send me any images of your build when complete and I will share them on the kodi team twitter page.IMG_20160114_163755 [9805]IMG_20160114_163819 [9806]Big thanks to @matrixdts for sending these wonderful images into me.

This is part – 1 of a 5 part series.

Here are a couple of photos of screenshots of my build:DSC_0296 [175912]DSC_0288 [175909]



As you can see I decided on a blue theme for my backgrounds and menus.

  • To begin with I install the Fusion repository click ‘HERE’

for instructions how to install, if you have a build already you can use the fresh start option and then either use the add-on installer(a must have) to get your add-ons individually or use the config wizard to set up the Custom Tvmc build with it’s very own selection of top add-ons.


  • To begin to change the look of your Kodi lets first change the skin:
  • Click on system:

Screenshot (66)

  • Click Appearance:

Screenshot (67)

  • Click skin and then skin Confluence:

Screenshot (68)

  • Click on get more….

Screenshot (69)

(EDIT) Since writing this blog I’ve come across another skin with the same settings, so you can still follow all the instructions as they are. The difference is this skin I came across has a few more options in themes, to add colour or texture to your menu bar. This really gives your build a more professional look. The skin is called Aeon Nox Silvo H24 Glowbar, If you want to click the skin directly to the device you are using now click the following link:


otherwise type the following exactly into your devices browser to download the zip-file required to get the skin:

Or if easier just search how to install the above skin in the device you are doing the build on.

  • Choose the skin you are going to use, in this step by step guide I have  used Redux. All Aeon Nox skins have similar settings. Follow the simple steps to install:

Screenshot (70)

  • You will now have the following screen. In the bottom left change settings level to expert (Important):

Screenshot (73)

  • Now to get the categories add-on to create your menu.
  • On your new skin, click on system:

Screenshot (81)

  • Click Add-ons:

Screenshot (151)

  • Click the search option:

Screenshot (82)

  • Type categories and click done

Screenshot (83)

  • Choose Media sources Categories:

Screenshot (84)

  • Click install, when complete return to home page:

Screenshot (85)

In part – 2 I will cover how to divide your add-ons into categories and begin to build your own personal menu.

For part – 2 -CLICK HERE-


Install The Alien Repository on Kodi

How To Install The Alien Repository on Kodi

How To Install The Alien Repository on Kodi

Today we are going to show you how to install the Alienware repository on your Kodi device. This repository holds some great content mainly being skins and interfaces for your device.

It currently supports Kodi Helix so make sure you have that version installed before following our tutorial, we haven’t tested on anything higher than Helix or lower so if you fancy being the guinea pig and dropping in the comments below if the content inside this repository works on any other versions that would be awesome.

STEP 1. Download the Alienware repository zip file here and keep accessible to your Kodi device, now select system.


STEP 2. Drop down and select Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now choose Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Locate the Alienware zip file you saved.


STEP 5. Now select the Alienware zip file, it will now install on your device.


STEP 6. Tab down and choose Get Add-ons.


STEP 7. Choose Alienware’s HiveMind Repo.


STEP 8. You now have access to all the awesome Alienware content…….time for you to explore.


*You may need to reboot your device once you’ve installed the Alienware repo and also check updates if you don’t see the screen like in step 8.

Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

How To Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

How To Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

Currently not working please try our alternative builds click HERE

With so many awesome builds out there in the community your spoilt for choice, but a new build has recently been released and this one caught our eye for many reasons.

Welcome the Simpsons v1 build for Kodi.


Whether your a Simpsons fan or not, you gotta be thinking WOW at this build. I personally am not a huge fan of the animation series but I simply love this!!!


The Simpson Build was created by Dicko The Geordie and released to the community yesterday. The first that came to mind with the Simpsons build is ‘that is going on my sons Kodi device’. Now for me to say that outright is a pretty big thing as I’m very particular on what I like and not a massive fan of builds, but like I mentioned before I not a huge Simpsons fan but it’s the effort and hard work that has gone into this build that has made me want this.


Now getting to the creator of this build, this guy has only recently started to make builds a few months back and now he is producing builds like this……phenomenal! We all go on how people should not fear making builds or skins and this is a prime example of that.


The community is always here to help anyone that wants to get into builds and that’s how Dicko got to where he is now, hard work, dedication and plenty of help if he needed it….but it looks like now that he doesn’t.


The Simpsons v1 build comes complete with all the top add-ons you’ll find in the community today such as; Phoenix, Genesis, Uk Turk, Navi-X along with some great sporting add-ons.


7 8 9 10 11 12 13

So we are guessing your as amazed as us now you seen the screenshots? Well, you can rock this on YOUR device!


Simple install the Community Portal add-on (Install guide here) and search the Simpson v1 build, hit install and following the instructions.

a AA I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that this build is the most eye catching and stunning Kodi build to date that I’ve seen.

We cannot wait to see what Dicko comes up with next, if he’s standards are like what we’ve seen on the Simpsons v1 build it’s very exiting times ahead for the community. If your on Twitter we highly suggest you follow him > @DickoTheGeordie

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