UK TV APK for Android or Amazon Fire Devices

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UKTV enables you to watch numerous free United Kingdom TV stations on your Android cell phone/tablet. This is additionally a well-known App to stream live TV, motion pictures and shows on your Android device. They give in excess of 150 channels from nations like the UK, US and Indian Subcontinent.

This application gives you a chance to appreciate reliable flowing on your device. You can channel the shows by Genre, Year, Rating and sort. The application doesn’t expect you to have any login account.

Uk TV Now application gives an extreme video quality to the client for better client encounter.

How to Install UK TV APK for Android or Amazon Fire Devices

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Install Wrestling Inc On Kodi

How To Install Wrestling Inc On Kodi

How To Install Wrestling Inc On Kodi

If you are a Kodi user, you must have a desire of increasing media content available to you for Wrestling. Here you have 2 choices. Either you can choose official add-ons announced by Kodi or you can use unofficial add-ons. Un-official add-ons are a great source of media content of multiple types. Many developers have announced such add-ons. One of these developers is Grapple Illuminati repository.

This add-on is a proud presentation of Illuminati. You can enjoy all sort of action when you download this add-on. An excellent bonus is an additional perk of using this add-on. This add-on is updated regularly so make sure you are using the latest version. With the passage of time, it would be one of the highly demanded add-ons by Kodi users.

They have got your back by providing support for Telegram and Twitter. You can follow them and enjoy latest news and updates about Wrestling Inc add-on.

After you download and install wrestling Inc addon on your Kodi device. By following the steps we have mentioned below you can watch content from any of the following categories its a very good wrestling Kodi addon.

  •    WWE live network stream
  •    WWE shows
  •    PPV events
  •    Repeats of live shows

Great news to hear is that you can download it on both Kodi 16 Jarvis and Kodi 17 krypton.

How to install WRESTLING INC on Kodi 16

  1. Go to home screen
  2. Select System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Add Source
  5. Enter in the top box
  6. Enter ILLUMINATI in the bottom box
  7. Select OK
  8. Go back to home
  9. Select Addons
  10. Click on Addon Browser
  11. Install from zip file
  12. Select ILLUMINATI
  13. Select Illuminati Repo (x.x.x).zip
  14. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  15. Install from repository
  16. Select Illuminati
  17. Click on Video addons
  18. Select Wrestling Inc
  19. Click on Install
  20. All done

How to install WRESTLING INC on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17
  2. Go to Home Screen
  3. Select Addons
  4. Click on the Settings button
  5. Enable Unknown Sources
  6. Go back to Home screen
  7. Select Settings button
  8. Go to File Manager
  9. Add Source
  10. Enter  in the top box
  11. Enter ILLUMINATI in the bottom box
  12. Select OK
  13. Go back to home
  14. Select Addons
  15. Click on Addon Browser
  16. Install from zip file
  17. Select ILLUMINATI
  18. Select Illuminati Repo (x.x.x).zip
  19. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  20. Install from repository
  21. Select Illuminati
  22. Click on Video addons
  23. Select Wrestling Inc
  24. Click on Install
  25. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  26. Wrestling Inc  is now installed and ready to use
  27. You can access it from Home > Addons > Wrestling Inc

how to install kodi on xbox one

How to Install Kodi on Xbox One

Install Kodi on Xbox One

Install Kodi on Xbox One couldn’t be any easier than our guide below for all you Kodi fans you can now enjoy Kodi on Xbox one. So get set and be ready because we are here to tell you how to install Kodi on Xbox One. Kodi is availability on the Xbox One is a new blast because there are large number of people who were eagerly waiting for this. This availability has brought a plethora of various add-ons for which latest console of Microsoft is well known. Initially people are facing some teething issue but overall it is a great news and a worth enjoying thing.

Issues With Kodi on Xbox One

This universal app from Windows which means it can be enjoyed on wide array of platforms. Some of the issues include un-accessibility to Blue-ray drive, storage devices and local networks without NFS sharing. Some add-ons might not work for Kodi like that on other platforms. These problems were faced initially and gradually Microsoft is overcoming these problems. Apart from these problems there are features that make it a great choice for Xbox One lovers. If you want to enjoy benefits of Kodi being available on Xbox one, go through the following details for installation of Kodi on Xbox One.

Install Kodi on Xbox One

Kodi app from Windows is an official universal app. It is available for Windows 10, for Windows used on mobile, on Xbox One plus Holo lens through Microsoft Store. It is thus quite easy to get it for downloading and installation unlike that of Fire TV or Apple TV. You are not required to follow complex procedures for side loading media players to operating systems. Getting Kodi for your Xbox One device is now a simple thing. Go through these easy steps to Install Kodi on Xbox One in a blink.

Step by step guide below install Kodi on Xbox one will take around five minutes.

  • First of all turn on Xbox One
  • You must ensure that your Xbox One us connected to internet
  • Get your live account that could be an already in use one as well
  • Login to live account
  • Open Microsoft store
  • In the search box write Kodi and click search
  • When Kodi appears click install and let the software download
  • After Kodi app is installed, click upon icon within “games and apps menu for accessing media player
  • See, it`s fairly easy and there is no rocket science
  • After installation, check out the best selection of Kodi add-ons for finding out and deciding which app you should use first

As you have Kodi you can enjoy your Xbox One features with more entertainment and more excitement. If you want to protect your Xbox One with Kodi installed against snoopers and hackers, you must use IPVanish VPN that is the best Kodi VPN. It provides users with protection and allows Kodi to perform at its best. It also provides unlimited bandwidth, so you enjoy all features at all times over internet.

We hope you enjoyed our guide for installing Kodi on Xbox one, please like and share if possible so other Xbox one Kodi enthusiasts can benefit from this guide.


best vpn for amazon fire tv stck 2018

Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2018

Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best VPN for Amazon Firestick we have been asked this so many times. Virtual private network shortly known as VPN is a network that allows users to create secure connections with other networks over internet. It is used for accessing websites that are regionally restricted. It shields browsing activity and browsing history from authorities of public networks just like in case of using public Wi-Fi with many other advantages. In case of using a VPN, all the traffic coming as a result of your search is directed to another network that allow you to remotely access local networks while being anonymous. It allows you to bypass the internet censorship that otherwise creates problem for accessing certain sites. Majority of the operating system carry support of integrated VPNs.

What are VPN Use for?

As far as VPN`s usage is concerned, these are tools that operate fairly simply. These however can be used for doing wide array of tasks some of which are mentioned below;

Accessing Business Networks During Travelling

A frequent use of VPN is made by travelers for accessing business networks. These include access to local networks during road trips. For this purpose direct exposure of local networks to internet is not required which in turn increases security.

Accessing Home Networks During Travelling

It is also possible to setup personal VPN for getting access to network during travelling. This allows access remote Windows Desktop over internet, to use locally hared files and playing games over internet like if these are on ame LAN.

Hiding Browsing Activities From ISP And Local Network

Those using public connections of internet, their browsing activities on the non HTTPS sites are visible to nearby people, namely those who know the way to check such activities. For hiding browsing activities, to get more privacy, it is a better idea to use VPN. VPN is effective for by-passing connection monitoring activities by service providers. Keep in mind that many VPN providers choose to log traffic coming to their ends.

Accessing Geo Blocked Websites

VPN is advantageous in the sense that it allows access to Netflix accounts during travelling to foreign. It is equally beneficial for accessing American sites such as Hulu, Pandora and Netflix so you can easily access services that are region restricted by simply connecting to VPN that are USA located.

Bypassing Internet Censorship

VPNs are used by Chinese people for getting Chinese Firewall and for gaining entire internet access.

Files Downloading

VPN is also a great protection for downloading files. It would be an honest thing to tell that there are many people who make use of VPN connection for downloading files through Bit Torrent. It is helpful even for downloading legal torrents. Those whose ISP is choking Bit torrent plus slowing it down, they can use their torrent on VPN for enjoying faster speeds. Same goes true for various other traffic types that gets interfered by ISP unless these interfere with the VPN traffic.


Considering different aspects of various available VPNs we have found that the VPN that gets the credit to be the best VPN for Amazon Firestick is the IPVanish VPN.  IPVanish is best VPN for Fire TV for the following outstanding reasons.

Preventing Data Collection

If you are not using VPN, your activity will be easily trackable by your ISP. That ISP will be able to sell your confidential data to 3rd parties. Advertisers covet browsing histories especially those who want to serve targeted ads to audiences. However IP Vanish puts a stop to tracking by ISP by encrypting internet traffic. No 3rd parties along with ISPs can access or even view online data.

Avoiding ISP Interference

Internet streaming is dependent upon bandwidth and often leads to connections that are ISP throttled. Such connections lead to virtually unusable Fire TV.

If you use IP Vanish, Fire TV works as perfectly as your desire it to. As now your activity cannot be accessed by ISPs you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted and high-speed connections.

Circumvent Censorship

Founder of WWW Tim Berners Lee says that internet must be open & borderless. This is unfortunate that censorship is enhancing worldwide and thus battle for keeping web an open & borderless thing is now ramping up. Thanks to IP Vanish that allows bypassing normal censorship and for violating online freedom. Global network is erasing digital borders and is making same borderless internet being accessible by everyone and everywhere.

Worldwide Servers

IP Vanish is the only one Top tiered VPN worldwide. This is the network that spans over 1,000 lighting quick-servers in more than 60 countries and over 85 cities worldwide. IP Vanish has quite an extensive worldwide coverage with its fast & reliable connection that are accessible at all times without any limitation for location.

Unmatchable Speed

As IP Vanish is not an outsourced infrastructure it offers fastest speed among all VPNs present on the earth. This top VPN provides unlimited bandwidth for all users. It consistently delivers highest downloading speeds, lowest latency, quickest ping timings and fastest uploading speeds industry wide. So get IPVanish and enjoy web just the way it is meant to be without any restriction.

Zero Logs

For Fire TV, IP Vanish is the best ever VPN for securing your privacy because it makes users` privacy its ultimate priority. It really means what is meant by no logs. It is outlined in their Privacy Policy that these don’t collect any kind of log usage or traffic data of their VPN service. Only information ever required by VPN is about payment data with email address which are both required for account activation.

Complete Security

Following are the best features of best VPN that make it an all in one privacy protection plan for you;

  • Ability to access fastest VPN of the world
  • Over 40,000 shared IPs and over 1,000 VPN servers located in over 60 countries
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No traffic logs
  • User friendly application
  • Unlimited switching for servers
  • SOCKS5 web-proxy
  • Unlimited P2P-traffic
  • Anonymous torrenting
  • Ability to access censored apps and websites
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Seven days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited server changing
  • Ability to simultaneously connect to 5 multiple devices
  • Open VPN, L2TP/IP sec and PPTP VPN protocols
Snooper's Charter

What is Snoopers Charter and How to Protect from Snoopers Charter

Learn All About Snooper’s Charter

You have been redirected here as selected NO THANKS.

Please read the below we strongly feel that users need to be aware of what’s actually happening

Please read the below! Some will see this as important information and others may think it’s nothing to worry about, but we think it’s certainly worth advising our readers. This is a long read but for you UK users its one definitely worth reading.

Mass surveillance by the government has been one of the most discussed topics ever since former NSA contractor. Edward Snowden, revealed the mass data collection by federal agencies. Snoopers Charter UK & USA are the ones potentially which will be looked at more severely than others.

Federal agencies over the years have secretly collected and logged our browser histories, websites visited, account passwords, and email activity. And they use the information to build the profile of the individual.

The collected metadata is stored for more than a year.  The absurdness of this culture is that the information will be collected whether the individual is a person of interest in an investigation or not.

Long-written petitions and call for government to stop the massive hacking of its citizens has fallen on deaf ears after the UK and US governments have all passed different laws that will give intelligence agencies, ISPs, mobile carriers, and messaging apps the legal authority to hack anybody without warrant.

This law recently brought into play allows ISPs to store browsing history and domains visited for one year. If you want protection, for the sake of a small amount of money per month, we recommended using a VPN. Our preferred VPN of choice is IPVanish VPN. You don’t have to use them, but IPVanish VPN has proved the best for us on testing and is a zero log VPN provider which is needed to combat the new legislations. IPVanish VPN allows 5 connections from one single account at the same exact time, now that’s a bargain.

Rule 41

Starting from the 1st of Dec, the U.S has passed a law that will allow the FBI and intelligence agencies to legally hack any suspicious computer or internet connection. The agencies will only need the warrant from one federal judge, possibly ask a federal judge that would make it easiest for them.

Before Rule 41, the agencies could only search computers located in the district where the federal judge granted the warrant.



Snooper’s Charter

The Snoopers Charter UK version of Rule 41. The investigatory power act was signed by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on November 29th, and it’s a privacy invader act.

Snooper UK ignoring the privacy and civil rights of its citizen, the government allows surveillance of its citizens. The data collected are not limited to only browser histories, but also information that could be used to build a profile on citizens of the UK.

The government has said the act is necessary because it will curb domestic terrorism in the UK, and therefore needs to collect all necessary and unnecessary information UK Snoopers Charter is coming.


How Do You Save Yourself From Government Harassment?

Now that it has been established that the government has been gathering information about its people, citizens should strive to protect themselves and loved ones from the prying eyes of the government.

The best way to do this, without looking over your shoulder or breaking the bank is by using one of the most recommended and possibly the Best Kodi VPN service out there to Protect from Snoopers Charter UK.

UK Kodi Piracy Blocking Injunction

We are sure many of you have heard about this new injunction that’s supposedly happening March 18th, it all seems ok at the moment. Many users will be watching sports today on their devices, but how long before something happens. Unfortunately no one knows the answer but what we do know Kodi is getting a lot more press recently. We are hearing about all the Facebook pages/groups getting closed so there’s definitely some movement in the clamping down. Is it time to panic who knows the answer but its time to get protected for sure, safe rather than sorry. Below is a little insight to the situation so far we are sure coming months there will be further news, but at the moment this is all we know.

Kodi Server Block: This Is What We Know

There has been different news of the authorities going after Kodi box resellers and also threatening users of Kodi with legal suit, but the new trend is now getting serious as the FAPL intends to crack down on Premier league streaming, by blocking servers streaming PL matches.

The suits come after UK’s leading ISPs – Sky, BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, EE and TalkTalk decided to partner with the FAPL to block servers streaming live matches.

The premier league obtained a new court injunction from Mr. Justice Arnold. In a premier league statement;

The Order was granted under Section 97a of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, and further demonstrates our intellectual property rights are protected by the law.

This will enable us to target the suppliers of illegal streams to IPTV boxes, and the internet, in a proportionate and precise manner. The new block will enable a proportionate and targeted restriction of content that would otherwise have been proliferated to unauthorised websites and IPTV devices.

How FAPL Intends To Crack Down On Illegal Streaming

The UK ISPs has once again has proven not to be only an internet gateway, but can act as content distributor, and also in deciding what their users watch online.

The FAPL hired an unnamed anti-piracy company that will help it analyse the different servers that stream this content, as the FAPL no longer looks into blocking websites, but instead the servers that stream this content.

The anti-piracy company, was able to use 3 different criteria to help it identify the servers. The criteria are not released by the court, as this may be used for new circumvention.

What is known is that the FAPL can only block servers it believes are only meant for the illegal streaming of the Premier league games. FAPL must not know or believe that the servers are used for other substantial purposes.

This is the caution that is placed on the grant, because as the footage of the premier league games will be live. The anti-piracy company and FAPL will monitor IP addresses of servers that infringe on the rights of the PL contents, and block it in real live, by informing the ISPs.

The working together of this corporation tends to give more insight to what they share between themselves, ignoring the rights of their users.

Merits Of The Case In Court

The court when discussing the merits of the case asked the FAPL if the copyrighted content is distributed in the UK.

The injunction reads that;

A very substantial volume of traffic from BT, Sky and Virgin, who are the three largest UK ISPs, has been recorded from these [infringing servers] during Premier League match times.

The extent of these spikes in traffic, the closeness of their correlation with each scheduled match, and the absolute volume in terms of raw bandwidth consumed, are only consistent with large numbers of consumers obtaining Premier League content from these servers.

A very substantial volume of traffic from BT, Sky and Virgin, who are the three largest UK ISPs, has been recorded from these [infringing servers] during Premier League match times.

“The traffic spikes are sustained throughout the period of each Premier League match. By and large, the bandwidth (and therefore interest) lasts for precisely the same period as the match, with an immediate drop-off thereafter,

The new injunction has also given proof to the fact that the ISPs are in the business of watching the incoming server requests of their consumers.

Duration Of The Injunction

The court granted the ruling of the FAPL, and will only allow it to go ahead with the blocking of Premier League streaming servers, and it comes into force between March 18, 2017 and lasts until May 22, 2017, when the football season ends. This is intended as a trial period of their research.

If it goes as planned, the FAPL will apply for new injunction that will allow it to go ahead and block the whole of 2017/2018 season.

Who Is Winning?

It’s clearly not the consumers, but the big dogs in the mainstream who has fought to make sure people keep paying the big bucks to watch the Premier league matches.

Speaking after the court granted the owner of one of the ISPs welcomes the court decision. A Sky spokesperson said;

We are pleased the Premier League’s application to crack down on illegal streaming has been granted. Content piracy is theft, and the success of this application is an important step in tackling the issue.

We’ll continue to work with rights holders, government, online market places and content creators. And that, to tackle today’s piracy and make people aware of the risks it presents and the damage it causes.

The IPVanish VPN is a fine piece of software that was developed by people that also care about giving the public 100% online privacy.

How to Protect from Snoopers Charter UK With Best VPN Service

IPVanish VPN will protect you from the Snooper’s charter UK and Rule 41. So whether you are in the US or UK VPN is a zero-log. Which means it will hide your web activity from your ISP and government. So, your ISP and the government can see you are using the internet, but won’t see what you are looking at.

IPVanish VPN is also on mobile to protect anyone from snooping at your mobile activities. It is user friendly, allows torrenting, and allows for unlimited server switching between cities and countries. We have arranged for you to get up to 60% off discount using coupon code KODICOM, which brings the monthly cost to as low as $4.87/mo.


*remember to use coupon code KODICOM for up to 60% discount

You never know who is watching unless you use a VPN to protect yourself!

 How to Protect from Snoopers Charter UK

If you are using kodi for watching or downloading movies from torrent, we  recommend you IPVanish VPN for security. Remember IPVanish VPN allows 5 connections from one single account at the same exact time, now that’s a bargain.

IPVanish VPN App Install Guide

IPVanish VPN App Install Guide

IPVanish VPN App Install Guide

Is this the Best VPN for the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV

IPVanish VPN recently released a VPN app specifically for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

IPVanish VPN has quite recently separated themselves from other VPN providers by launching an honest to goodness, made-for Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV application. They have responded to the request of its customers for a native Fire Stick VPN app. This saves you from side loading the APK and provides automatic updates.

How to Install IPVanish VPN App

1.Select Apps’ at the top of your home screen

2. Select Categories3. Select ‘Utility’4. Select IPVanish VPN app5. Select Get button
6. Click on Open button to launch the IPVanish app

7. Type your IPVanish Username and Password

8. Select the Remember Me box

9. Select LOGIN

10. Pick a location

11. Click CONNECT

Once you are connected, you can go back to your home screen and all of your applications will be routed through our VPN.

How to install IPVanish VPN on the Fire Stick/Fire TV


  1. From your Fire Stick, tap the Search symbol in the upper left corner.
  2. Enter in “ipvanish” and tap the centre catch on your remote to scan for the App. If you have a voice activated remote you can also say “IPVanish VPN” while holding the microphone button and this will pull up the IPVanish VPN app.
  3. Hover over the IPVanish VPN application and press the inside catch to download the application.
  4. After the IPVanish application is finished installing, you can tap on “Open” to open the application.
  5. When you open the IPVanish Fire Stick app, enter in your username and password. Next press Login. *** You will need to buy an IPVanish VPN subscription if you don’t already have one.

  1. Next you will find an easy to use interface made for the Fire Stick. You can either select to connect via the country and city of your choice or select connect and the app will select the fastest server available.

*** If you already have IPVanish side loaded you will need to uninstall – see our uninstall directions ***

  1. Go to the Home screen on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick 2. Choose ‘Settings,’ and then scroll over and choose ‘Applications’ 3. Scroll down and choose ‘Manage Installed Applications’ 4. Find and select ‘IPVanish VPN’ 5. Choose ‘Uninstall’If you want to purchase IPVanish VPN please click on our link below, you can try it for 7 days and then decide if its the one for you. With IPVanish VPN you can also connect up to 5 devices so the monthly fee looks a bit better.


How To Install Kodi 17 on Android Device

How To Install Kodi 17 on Android Device

How To Install Kodi 17 on Android Box Device

Today we will show you how to install Kodi 17 on android box device very easily and with a fast method. One of the guys in the community mentioned to us about using Firedl which is a relatively new method. Install Kodi 17 on firestick, instll kodi 17 on android using firedl is so easy, theres even more amazing apps. Firedl has some amazing apps you can install very quickly on your android device check out the image below. Hopefully we will do a few more guides on what this amazing installer can do.

If you need a VPN Amazon firestick please click HERE

Enable Developer Options on Android Box on Different Devices

If using amazon firestick firstly follow these steps for enabling developer options on your Firestick. Put your Fire Stick in to your TV and go to Settings > System > Developer Options. Make sure you switch On both Apps From Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging.

If you are using an NVidia Shield its bit more tricky for the novice but sure we can hopefully help. You’ll need to download ES File Explorer once you have that search Aptoide TV. Once you have down loaded that search for Firedl app then you can follow the below. Someone also mentioned for NVidia Shield using firefox browser is even easier but we haven’t yet test than way. We did end up buying a wireless mouse to use on the NVidia install and its so much easier.

So lets start, go to google play store and search for firedl and install

Once Firedl downloaded open it up click open button

You will now see this image below

You can see from the image above the first line says URL. In here you need to type the code to download, this review is about Kodi 17. Please see image below and type the code required in the URL box.


You will now see this url appear on your screen.

The apk of Kodi 17 will start to down load as in image below.

You will then see the below screen just click Install.

Kodi 17 will start to install.

With in a few minutes Kodi 17 will now be installed on your device.

Install Builds on Kodi 17

How To Install Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

How To Install Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

Install Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton as many of you will be aware Kodi has recently launched their latest media center platform called Kodi 17 Krypton. After spending a few days playing around with it, we must accept that its a great job done from Kodi, it’s very nice and amazing tool. Many of you new users may struggle with the new Kodi 17 due to the layout and changes made to it, you will get used to it with the passage of time and the more you use it. We have had quite a few people contact use regarding the new design and struggling to install builds on Kodi 17. So we have done an easy tutorial that will hopefully help you installing Kodi krypton builds in future. Our guide below is based on the Paradox Wizard but you can use these instructions for any Kodi 17 builds.

To Install Builds on Kodi 17:

Firstly Launch Kodi

  1. Select Settings button as in image below, looks like a wheel.

    2.Select File Manager

    3. Select Add New Source
    3.Type Build URL click OK
    5. Select Paradox (as example)
    6. Select the box on top right of screen below
    7. Select Install from Zip
    8. Select Build name
    9. Select install from repository ( wait for notification on top right of screen)
    10. Select Programs
    11. Select Paradox wizard ( or what ever your build is called)
    12. Select Install
    13. Select Open
    14. Select Open
    15.Select Build you wish to install ( build process will start)
    16. Select Force Close

    Re-open kodi and your build is installed on kodi 17 Krypton device. Give it 5 minutes for the Kodi 17 build to update on your device.
Install Kodi on Firestick Using Adblink

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Adblink

How To Install Kodi On A Firestick Using Adblink

There are different methods of Installing Kodi on your Firestick. Today we will show you how to Install Kodi on Firestick using Adblink an amazing companion program for FireTV and Android.

Install Kodi on Firestick Using Adblink

To start the process, we need to download Kodi 17(Krypton), the latest Kodi or download Kodi 16(Jarvis) apk here. Make sure to save it in your preferred location.

We would recommend if using Kodi to have a VPN installed, this will cut down buffering and streaming issue.

Please click here for our Kodi discounted VPN

Installation Steps:

  1. First and foremost, switch on the Firestick, and find the Settings Menu as shown below
  2. Click on “System”. This will open 3- right-sidebar menu on the Firestick, select the “developer option.”
    3. Developer options will show 2 sub-menus, “ADB Debugging and the “Apps from Unknown Sources,” Turn on both of these options.
    4. Notice: Selecting the Apps from Unknown sources will trigger a warning about insecurity, just click ok. You can turn it off after the installation of Kodi, but for Kodi to be installed, we need it to be switched on.
    To be able to go ahead with this installation, we will need to find the IP address of the Firestick.  5. In order to find the IP address of the Firestick, go back to the “Settings” menu, click on System, from the submenu, click on About, and select “Network”.

    6. This will display your IP address, gateway, subnet mask and DNS. But FOR the installation, the only thing we need is the IP address.

    Copy your IP address to a notepad, and go ahead to download Adblinko   Follow this link if you are a window user: Download Adblinko   Mac Users (OS X 10.7 or higher): Download Adblinko   Downloadable file for Linux users is here: Download Adblink
    Once you download Adblink, click on the “New” button. In the description box, give your Fires stick any name you want and can remember.

    8. In the Address field, type the IP address you had copied in the notepad, and click on Save, don’t worry about the other fields.9. Click on “Save”

    10. You should see the IP address of the Firestick listed in the Connected Devices section.

    Select the “Install APK”,

    Remember you downloaded the APK of your choice at the beginning of this tutorial, you will need to navigate to this location from the dialog window to select it for installation.

    12. You will get a notice of whether you want to install the Apk, select Yes. A notification will be shown when installation is complete.


    Kodi is now finally installed, and can be accessed via accessed via Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch Application.


Install Kodi On Firestick Using Apps2Fire

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Apps2Fire – No Pc Needed

How To Install Kodi On Firestick Using Apps2Fire

If using Kodi on a firestick we recommend to install a VPN to cut out streaming issues, please click our VPN link HERE

  1. Our tutorial today will show you how to install Kodi using Apps2Fire. If you don’t have a PC then installing this way is fast and easy, this is a great tool to use. Using Apps2Fire it sends Android packages from your phone to the Fire TV Stick, triggering the ADB command-line tools to install them automatically. Having tried a few ways to install Kodi on Amazon Firesticks this is by far one of the simplest ways, as long as you have android device. Using this method you will have Kodi installed on your Amazon Firestick in literally 5-10 minutes. 

    Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick using Apps2Fire:

  2. To start this process, you will need to download Kodi and Apps to Fire from the play store and also follow the steps for enabling developer options on your Firestick. Put your Fire Stick in to your TV and go to Settings > System > Developer Options. Make sure you switch On both Apps From Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging.
  3. Now both are installed on your Andriod device, you can now open Apps to Fire. Firstly you will need to set it up. In the setup section, input your Firestick IP address and click save.

3. Now we can go to our local apps section and find Kodi from the list.

4. Click on Kodi and a prompt to install will do the rest.

5. Now Kodi is installed successfully on your Firestick, how easy was that.

We would like to say thanks to David Fry for providing this guide to help users intall Kodi on Amazon Firestick in simple way. He thought sharing this guide would simplify it for Firestick users and have tried to make this guide simpler. If you have twitter and would like to follow David or show some appreciation please use @davidfry77

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