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Create your own build on Kodi part-1

Create your own build on Kodi

Create your own build on Kodi part-1

When I decided to create my own build on Kodi, a few friends seen it and asked how I went about doing it. So I decided I would write a step by step easy to follow blog to share with everyone. It is the easiest way to create your own build and can be done by anyone, It mainly involves building your own personal menu and sub-menus and adding colour too them and changing fonts, and of course having your own backgrounds.

This is part – 1 of a 5 part series.(Now 6 with extra)

(EDIT) Firstly here are a few images of builds people have completed using this step by step guide and sent me via twitter, Please send me any images of your build when complete and I will share them on the kodi team twitter page.IMG_20160114_163755 [9805]IMG_20160114_163819 [9806]Big thanks to @matrixdts for sending these wonderful images into me.

This is part – 1 of a 5 part series.

Here are a couple of photos of screenshots of my build:DSC_0296 [175912]DSC_0288 [175909]



As you can see I decided on a blue theme for my backgrounds and menus.

  • To begin with I install the Fusion repository click ‘HERE’

for instructions how to install, if you have a build already you can use the fresh start option and then either use the add-on installer(a must have) to get your add-ons individually or use the config wizard to set up the Custom Tvmc build with it’s very own selection of top add-ons.


  • To begin to change the look of your Kodi lets first change the skin:
  • Click on system:
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Screenshot (66)

  • Click Appearance:

Screenshot (67)

  • Click skin and then skin Confluence:

Screenshot (68)

  • Click on get more….

Screenshot (69)

(EDIT) Since writing this blog I’ve come across another skin with the same settings, so you can still follow all the instructions as they are. The difference is this skin I came across has a few more options in themes, to add colour or texture to your menu bar. This really gives your build a more professional look. The skin is called Aeon Nox Silvo H24 Glowbar, If you want to click the skin directly to the device you are using now click the following link:


otherwise type the following exactly into your devices browser to download the zip-file required to get the skin:

Or if easier just search how to install the above skin in the device you are doing the build on.

  • Choose the skin you are going to use, in this step by step guide I have  used Redux. All Aeon Nox skins have similar settings. Follow the simple steps to install:

Screenshot (70)

  • You will now have the following screen. In the bottom left change settings level to expert (Important):

Screenshot (73)

  • Now to get the categories add-on to create your menu.
  • On your new skin, click on system:

Screenshot (81)

  • Click Add-ons:

Screenshot (151)

  • Click the search option:

Screenshot (82)

  • Type categories and click done

Screenshot (83)

  • Choose Media sources Categories:

Screenshot (84)

  • Click install, when complete return to home page:

Screenshot (85)

In part – 2 I will cover how to divide your add-ons into categories and begin to build your own personal menu.

For part – 2 -CLICK HERE-


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  1. Hello. I am interested in creating a new personal build of my own on Kodi. Is it then possible to save it and then transfer it to another box then ?

    Kind regards Jason

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