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Create your own build on Kodi part-5

And finally we can now look at setting up the sub-menus, and adding more colour to improve the look of your build.

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(EDIT) Here are some more images i’ve been sent of peoples own builds, please send images of your completed build to my twitter handle and I will share them on the kodi team twitter page and I may also put some on here to give others ideas.IMG_20160114_194424 [9808]IMG_20160108_175529 [9590]Again thanks guys.

Some screenshots of the in-complete build so far:

Screenshot (123)

Screenshot (122)

Now the final part of our build, the sub-menu, a very important part because the more detailed you make your sub-menu the easier it will be to navigate.

As an example we will build a sub-menu for the movie section of your main menu. For other ideas what to put in various sub-menus I will make a list at the end of this blog to give you some ideas, but it is your build so it really should include whatever you want.

  • As before from the main menu we click on ‘skin settings’ on the ‘system’ sub-menu, then click ‘Set up the Aeon Nox menu’ then we arrive here as below.
  • We are working on the movie sub menu so highlight this first then scroll down to ‘Manage submenu’ and click on it:

Screenshot (126)

  • Delete any unwanted existing sub-menus:

Screenshot (127)

  • Now you want to click on ‘Type’ until you see the menu that has ‘video add-ons’ at the top:

Screenshot (128)

  • Here we will begin with the 1Channel Video add-on, scroll down find and click on ‘1Channel >’ as below:
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Screenshot (165)

  • Then the menu below will appear, because we are building the movie menu click on ‘movies >’ as below

Screenshot (129)

  • You can now choose what part of the 1Channel movie menu you wish to create a sub-menu for. Here we will pick ‘most popular’ so now click on it:

Screenshot (131)

  • After clicking ‘most popular above you will see the following menu. You now need to click ‘Create shortcut to here’ and now you have your first sub-menu chosen.

Screenshot (132)

  • You will now see on the left the shortcut you have chosen. We now need to change the text or we will have no way of knowing which add-on we have a shortcut to most popular for. Ensure it is highlighted and select ‘set label’ as below:

Screenshot (134)

  • As before in the main menu we can add as much and any colour as we want. Use the same basic coding as before, this time however we will include making the text bold so the sub-menu stands out better. To make the text bold we need to have [B] before the text and [/B] after. Don’t forget the forward slash.
  • Here is an example

[COLORorange][B]1Channel Popular[/B][/COLOR]

  • You can type the text lower case but it will appear on the menu in higher case, same as in the menu bar.
  • As you can see I have chosen to use orange as an example but you may use whatever colour you want:

Screenshot (135)

  • Your first sub-menu will start to look like this, now click ‘Add’ to create your next menu shortcut:

Screenshot (136)

  • As an example I will choose Genesis next, ensure that ‘<None>’ is highlighted on the left.
  • Now click on ‘Genesis >’
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Screenshot (137)

  • And again as before choose ‘Movies >’

Screenshot (138)

  • This time for Genesis we will choose Box office so click on this, always remember the symbol ‘>’ indicates there is further menus.

Screenshot (139)

  • And again click on ‘Create shortcut to here’, this creates the shortcut to the box office.

Screenshot (140)

  • This time I will make the text red in order to stagger it which I find makes it stand out better on the menu.
  • Again here is another example:

[COLORred][B]Genesis Box office[/B][/COLOR]

  • Click done:

Screenshot (141)

  • When you are finished your movie sub-menu it will look similar to this with your own colours and your own personal sub-menu shortcuts.

Screenshot (145)

  • Now go back out and check your movie menu is as you want it, if it needs any tweaking you can go back in as above and make your changes.

Screenshot (146)

Now you can go through each of your menu items and create your own personal sub-menu to suit your own needs. You can have more than 5 sub-menus under each menu, they will scroll along underneath. I found 5 was enough and I also thought it looked neater.

To give you an idea of what sort of sub-menus you can have for each menu item here are a list of some of the ones from my own build:

Sports: Phoenix sports, Woody sports, Sportsdevil, UkTurks sports and Ccloud sports.

Genesis: Movies, TvShows, Search, Favorite Movies, Favorite TvShows

Live Tv: Ccloud, Channel Pear, UkTurks and

Phoenix: Live Football, Live PPV, Woody, Rockcrusher and Staael2014.

Add-ons: Add-on installer, Categories, Programs.

Power: Quit (It’s all you need)

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I really hope you enjoy creating your own build and enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed using mine. I find if you keep the amount of add-ons to a minimum by just keeping the ones you use your Kodi runs smoother and faster. And with the ‘add-on installer’ its simple to search for and install new add-ons.

When you have completed your very own build i’m sure your are going to want to back up all that hard work you have done. There are numerous ways of doing this, there is a backup program in the Kodi repo but I didn’t find this great. There is also a back up tool in the Community Wizard and finally there is a back up tool i’ve used myself with success called the Community Portal program add-on. There is plenty of info on all these on the kodi team site. And there is info on how to publish your build if you wanted to.

(EDIT) After some time working on various builds for friends and family I have learned a few more ways to improve the look of your build, including adding multiple backgrounds and also changing fonts on the main menu bar. To see what i’ve learned go too ‘Create your own build extra’ just  -CLICK HERE-

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter and I will do my best to help. And if you have any comments about this blog or any suggestions as to how I could improve it please leave a comment below.



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  1. Could i save my build on my laptop then transfer it to my android box thinking be easier and faster to create my own build on my laptop

    1. Yes Karl, you can use a program called the community portal program addon from noobsandnerds, there’s a guide on the site shows how to install. Ensure to change paths to special in maintenance section to save backgrounds. Best of look with it. Would love to see some finished images, if you can tweet me some.

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