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How To Install IPVanish VPN on Nvidia Shield

Install IPVanish VPN on Nvidia Shield TV

How To Install IPVanish VPN on Nvidia Shield

This guide will walk you through how to install VPN on Nvidia shield. Here we will use IPVanish VPN as a reference. We decided to cover this step by step guide after a few people had got in touch regarding struggling to install. Initially we tried to help by looking on Google but couldn’t seem to find exact solutions and guides. So hopefully this installation guide on install VPN on NVidia Shield will help users that have struggled a lot. Having tried a fair few VPN’s service this one is certainly one of the best vpn for the shield tv we have used. IPVanish VPN allows 5 connections from one single account at the same exact time, now that’s a bargain.

How to Install Ipvanish on Nvidia Shield Tv.

1. Select Apps at the top of your home screen

2. Select Categories3. Select Utility4. Select IPVanish VPN app5. Click on Get button.
6. Click on Open button.

7. Enter your IPVanish Username and Password

8. Select the Remember Me

9. Select LOGIN

10. Click CONNECT

11.  Select a specific server

Once you are connected, you can go back to your home screen and all of your applications will be routed through our VPN.

How to Setup a VPN on Nvidia Shield

IPVanish vpn for android uk Install

IPVanish VPN App now just got quick please check this link click HERE

Use the link above this is a much faster and easier install for IPVanish VPN from google play store very easy very fast.

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Before you begin make sure your developer options is enabled. To figure out if you have this enabled, just go to Settings and a menu will pop up on the right side of the screen. Scroll down to {} Developer Options, this should be between Accessibility and “Remote & Accessories”. If you don’t see it there follow these instructions to enable it.

1. If the Developer Options is there select it and ensure the “Enable Developer Options” is turned on (the ball should be to the right.

2. Now go to your ES File Manager (if you don’t have it already downloaded here are instructions on how to download the ES File Manager)

3. Once you are in the ES File Manager go to “Tools” (on the left menu bar)>download manager> and then click on the “+” new sign at the bottom

 4. In the “Path” line enter: (ensure there are no extra spaces and the capitalization is observed)

5. In the “Name” line enter: IPVanish.apk

6. Click “Download Now”

7. You should receive a pop up window that says “Download – download successfully”

8. Click on “Open File”


The IPVanish APK box will pop-up click on “Install”

9. After this a pop-up will appear with a check mark saying “App Installed”

10. If you get any sort of error message here regarding blocked installation of apps, please ensure your Developer options are turned on (see first step for this)

The App will not show up on the main Nvidia shield apps page

11. You will now need to go to the Nvidia shield settings > apps and scroll down until you find the IPVanish app, which will most likely be at the top.

12. Click on the IPVanish Logo and proceed to input your user name and password.

13. Type in your IPVanish username and password, select the ‘Remember Me’ option if you don’t want to type in your credentials every time you launch IPVanish and click ‘LOGIN’

14. Select the ‘Country,’ select the ‘City,’ and ‘Server’ you would like to connect to and click CONNECT

15. Select ‘OK’ when the ‘Connection request’ dialog box appears

After successfully connecting to IPVanish, the ‘Connection Status’ will show ‘Connected’ and the ‘IP Address’ and ‘Location’ will change

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