The Real Debrid service was primarily started as a solution for sites that offer premium download links or free, slow downloads for free. Now there are far to many of these sites to have an account with each and you may not come across the same site again so it would be wasted. So Real Debrid and sites like it offer an account that covers many of these types of sites and therefore download links all under one service and for not a great deal of money.

So where does this fit in with Kodi?

Addons that Support Real Debrid:
•Release Hub
•Entertainment Hub
•Ice Films

Well, some addon developers know the benefits of these type of sites that offer unrestricted download speeds and good uploads and storage on the developers side. So some addons have the ability to not only give you the normal links all users would see, but also extra links given by access through your Real Debrid account and these are often HD links and also often have 5.1 sound as well

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after you have purchased click on this link to help you add to your system

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