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Success Formula: Salesforce ADM-201 Exam + Practice Tests

Salesforce is among the most sought-after CRM platforms that are growing rapidly in the IT sector right now. Adding your knowledge related to this platform will increase the value of your resume exponentially. To do so, you need a credential that will verify the skills that every employer is looking for in his/her potential candidates. One of the most important but less challenging certifications to earn is Salesforce Administrator. This is an entry-level certificate that has proven to be a highly effective option to demonstrate that an individual has the required skills. It is a proof that you know how to help your company get additional features and understand which functions are available to an end user or which management and configuration options are available to an administrator across Service, Sales, and Collaboration Clouds.

To obtain the Salesforce Administrator credential, you have to pass only one exam – ADM-201. So, without much ado, let’s look at the details that you need to know about this test.

Exam Overview

The Salesforce ADM-201 exam comes with 60 multiple-choice questions along with 5 additional questions that don’t affect your overall score. The test lasts 105 minutes, and during this time, you should get the passing score that is 65%. This certification exam may be taken remotely on the applicant’s compound whereby it is monitored through a webcam. Alternatively, it can be taken at a testing center. The fee that you need to pay is $200, and the retake fee is $100.

Preparation Alternatives

There are different ways to prepare for the ADM-201 exam. Let’s look at some of them.

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  • Training courses

Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM-201) is one of the courses Salesforce provides online or onsite that you can take to prepare for your certification exam. It has 9 lessons that cover all the topics that you should master to get the badge. There are about 5 classes and workshops that you can find on the official website.
  • Self-study

Self-study is a cost-effective but a highly rewarding prep option that most individuals who are not ready to spend a lot of money on training courses usually opt for. It involves identifying and collecting self-study materials that you can use according to your learning pace. They include a huge variety of resources from guides to video courses as well as from exam dumps to simulators.
  • Practice tests

This is also a self-paced format, but it requires special mention in detachment from the examples we mentioned above. When you take the training course and study all the necessary materials, you will want to be sure that you have actually mastered the exam content. This is where practice tests come in. By taking them, you will know what areas you haven’t explored perfectly. It will help you focus on them and improve before attempting the real exam.


The Salesforce Administrator certification is designed to improve the skills and knowledge of those professionals who want to work with the CRM platform. The credential also enhances their employability as well as earning potential. According to the survey conducted by Salesforce, more than 39% of specialists with its badges had an increase in their salary. So, if you want to become more employable and unlock your earning potential, Salesforce ADM-201 is one of the exams you can take to become a sought-after expert.

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