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How To Install The Supercars Build

Install The Supercars Build

Install The Supercars Build

Welcome to my guide, how to install Supercars Build from @oldgit9 (give him a follow on twitter for news of updates). I’ve been checking this build out myself recently and I have to say it really is a beautiful and very different build, definitely well worth checking out, particularly if you a fan of cars.

Here are some screenshots of the build:1og21og11og

As you can tell from the above images this is not like your average build, Oldgit makes fantastic use of the Cirrus: Extended Skin and within the build the controls and inner skin are different from the majority of builds on Kodi. The inner skin and controls are very neat, clean and easy to use.

How To Install:

Because this build is available from the Community Wizard there is no need to wipe your current setup because of the Fresh Install feature and also the ability to save data like your Trakt and Debris accounts, login info and even your favorites. Also with the new Community Wizard you will receive automatic notifications when there is an update available for the build.

  • Step 1: Open File Manager in the System submenu
  • Step 2: Click Add Source and add the following Url exactly and click Ok
  • Step 3: Now in the lower panel enter a name for this source, as it’s the Community Repository type comrepo and click Ok and back out of the File Manager
  • Step 4: Click on System, then Addons, then choose Install From Zip File from the menu
  • Step 5: Now find comrepo from the list and click on it, and then click on
  • Step 6: After a moment you will see a notification telling you the Community Repository has now been installed. Now click on Install From Repository
  • Step 7: Now click on the Community Repository and when it opens choose Program Addons from the list.
  • Step 8: Choose the Community Wizard from the list that appears and when it opens click Install
  • Step 9: A pop up window will appear, click on remind me later and another pop up screen will appear, from this select Build Menu
  • Step 10: When the build menu appears you now have the option of saving any data, including your favorites, trakt or debris accounts.
  • Step 11: Scroll down and find -=CR=-Supercars(V_._) click on it and at this stage you still have the option to save certain data before choosing either a Fresh Install(recommended if you are currently using a build and wish to change) or a Standard Install if you are installing from a fresh clean Kodi.
  • Step 12: Press Ok until the build begins to install, when it is finished installing you will be asked to force close Kodi, if using an android device or firestick press ok in the first popup screen then unplug the device, otherwise click ok to force close
  • Step 13: After restarting Kodi for the first time as always with any build give it a few moments to build the menu and make an updates due before starting to use the build
  • Step 14: Enjoy
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A word from Oldgit the builder regarding navigation and controls:

Pressing UP or DOWN – This is not your average skin, normally to select the sub-menus on the home screen for Power or System you would press down, but on this skin you need to press up. By pressing down you will highlight the quick select buttons at the top right of the skin.

As well as following Oldgit on Twitter you can find him on the koditeam Forum.

Also from Oldgit the builder regarding  -Bonus Items-

1. Included in this build, if you do not like the background images that I have used, you have the option to select others. I have included 30 images to choose from. All the images have the numberplate already in place. If you can gain access to the root directory of Kodi, the extra background images can be found here – skin.SuperCars/backgrounds/Extra Menu Pics. If you can not gain access to your root directory, then you can download the “Extra Menu Pics” from [CLICK HERE]

2. If you do not like the any of the images that I have included and would like to use an alternative image, or you would like to add your personal image of your car etc. I have also included a .psd file for the numberplate and a brief guide on how to position the image. You can find the files in the – skin.SuperCars/backgrounds/Number Plate Template & Example folder or alternatively, you can download it from [CLICK HERE]


More images from the Supercars build:1og81og91og5

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I have to say a congratulations to Oldgit for creating this fantastic build and not being afraid to create something totally different from the large majority of builds.

And personally a big thanks for including my addon.

Remember follow him @Oldgit on Twitter




Regards, Aleighty.



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