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How To Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

How To Install Simpsons Build on Kodi

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With so many awesome builds out there in the community your spoilt for choice, but a new build has recently been released and this one caught our eye for many reasons.

Welcome the Simpsons v1 build for Kodi.


Whether your a Simpsons fan or not, you gotta be thinking WOW at this build. I personally am not a huge fan of the animation series but I simply love this!!!


The Simpson Build was created by Dicko The Geordie and released to the community yesterday. The first that came to mind with the Simpsons build is ‘that is going on my sons Kodi device’. Now for me to say that outright is a pretty big thing as I’m very particular on what I like and not a massive fan of builds, but like I mentioned before I not a huge Simpsons fan but it’s the effort and hard work that has gone into this build that has made me want this.


Now getting to the creator of this build, this guy has only recently started to make builds a few months back and now he is producing builds like this……phenomenal! We all go on how people should not fear making builds or skins and this is a prime example of that.


The community is always here to help anyone that wants to get into builds and that’s how Dicko got to where he is now, hard work, dedication and plenty of help if he needed it….but it looks like now that he doesn’t.

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The Simpsons v1 build comes complete with all the top add-ons you’ll find in the community today such as; Phoenix, Genesis, Uk Turk, Navi-X along with some great sporting add-ons.


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So we are guessing your as amazed as us now you seen the screenshots? Well, you can rock this on YOUR device!


Simple install the Community Portal add-on (Install guide here) and search the Simpson v1 build, hit install and following the instructions.

a AA I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that this build is the most eye catching and stunning Kodi build to date that I’ve seen.

We cannot wait to see what Dicko comes up with next, if he’s standards are like what we’ve seen on the Simpsons v1 build it’s very exiting times ahead for the community. If your on Twitter we highly suggest you follow him > @DickoTheGeordie

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