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Why Should You Pay Attention to your Database Security

One of the biggest challenges that companies face across the world is database security. There are many instances where small and large businesses fall prey to cyber threats and hacks. Experts in database management systems say database security is a complex area. Every business owner needs to pay detailed attention to it to avert the loss of sensitive data. It is one of the vital aspects of running their operations successfully. 

What is database security, and why is it crucial for your business?

Database security means the assortment of measures, controls, and tools created for protection. They protect the integrity, confidentiality, and the availability of the database.  However, experts in the database security field state that it is the field of privacy that faces the maximum number of data breaches. This is an area that business owners need to consider to preserve the integrity of their database systems and customer trust.

What is the aim of database security for a business?

The database should be secure and protect the-

  • Data in the system 
  • The overall DBMS unit 
  • All associated business applications 
  • The virtual/physical as well as its underlying hardware 
  • Network/computing the infrastructure that is deployed to access the system

Note that securing your business database can be challenging. This is because it engages all the areas of IT security practices and technologies. It must take care of the functionality of the system, as well. The more user-friendly and accessible the system is, the more susceptible to cyber threats and hacks. Again, note that if the database is secure, it becomes hassle-some for users to access. This is a paradox and popularly called Anderson’s Rule. 


Never overlook the importance of database security

Data breach refers to the failure of the business to maintain the privacy of information in the database. The amount of harm that this breach of data impacts your organization depends upon the following factors and consequences- 

  1. The intellectual-property is compromised – Your trade secrets, practices, and inventions are essential for you to maintain a strategic edge in the market competition. Imagine if this sensitive information is exposed and stolen, it really will be hard for you to recover it back.
  2. Irreversible damage to brand reputation – Your customers and business partners will no longer trust you. They will withdraw from buying services and products from your company. They no longer feel secure with you protecting their data. Adults feel vulnerable when they hear of cyber attacks and their data being stolen.
  3. Adversely impacts the continuity of the business – Yes, a data breach harms business continuity. The business operations are hampered, and it cannot get back on track until the issue is resolved.  
  4. Expensive penalties and fines for non-compliance – There is a tremendous financial impact on data breaches. This can even extend to millions of dollars for every data security violation. The regulations for privacy like HIPAA and other regional privacy compliance regulations impose huge fines. 
  5. Incur hugely costs for data breach repair and customer notifications – Besides the costs for fines and penalties, a company needs to bear all the costs of a data breach to the customer. It needs to pay for the crisis management, forensic investigations, repair of the system affected and more for other investigating costs.
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It is prudent for businesses both small and large to contact good database management service companies for getting data security measures custom-made for their organizations. For more information on data security and techniques to protect your system from cyber attacks and breaches, consult friendly experts at for the task.

What are the global challenges and threats to security you should be aware of?

There are several causes of data breaches. They can be carelessness, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in the software, and cases of misuse. The following are the most general causes of security attacks on a database-

Threats by insiders

This is primarily due to –

  1. An insider with malicious intent to cause harm to your business 
  2. An insider negligent in nature resulting in errors making the database susceptible to the threat or attack
  3. Any infiltrator or an outsider that gathers your database’s credentials via schemes like phishing or direct access to the system itself.

Note that insider threats are the most common reasons for breaches in database security. This can be the result of permitting many employees to have privileged access to the system’s credentials.

Human mistakes 

This, again, is a common data security threat that many businesses face. A weak password, an accident where passwords are shared and other not so wise actions of a user result in security breaches and attacks.  

Discover database security vulnerabilities 

You will find that most hackers earn their living by discovering vulnerabilities in software. This includes database management software. The critical system vendors and DBMS platforms that are open source in nature offer frequent security patches to arrest the vulnerabilities. However, the business owner’s failure to apply the above patches in time will increase the database’s exposure to security threats.

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This is software with the task of exploiting security vulnerabilities in a database system. It also has the intention to cause damage to the system. The malware might arrive from any device that is connected to the network of the database. 

The need for custom database security measures 

Experts in the field of database security state businesses should execute data monitoring tools in their systems. They should ensure these tools are good with encryption and offer a strong defense wall for the software. Every business is unique, so you must ensure that data security measures are custom-built to meet your business’s needs.

A risk analysis of the business database system should be conducted periodically. In this way, you will be able to discover the common loopholes in the business and protect it from cyber threats and attacks. Consult experienced professionals in the field to get overall protection and security round-the-clock. 

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